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At BohoAndinoPeru, our mission is to provide an excellent customer experience, to do a small business in a sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and to provide unique and artisanal products following a fair trade.

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  • Danna M

    The quality of the wool items from Boho Andino Peru is outstanding. My purchase has become a staple in my home. It's warm, durable, and beautifully crafted. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Alessia R

    As someone from Peru, it makes me proud to see my culture represented so beautifully through Boho Andino Peru offerings. The alpaca wool is of the highest quality and the designs are stunning. It's like wearing a piece of home.

  • Luciana V

    My experience with Boho Andino Peru has been fantastic. The customer service was prompt and helpful, and my order arrived quickly. My purchase is not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. I highly recommend this company.

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Authentic & Ethical Craftsmanship

At Boho Andino Peru, we take pride in offering products that are crafted with authenticity and care.

Each item is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Peru, meticulously made by skilled artisans who uphold traditional techniques.

Our commitment to ethical craftsmanship ensures that every piece not only reflects exceptional quality but also respects the artisans and their communities.

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    The animals are usually shorn once every year or two and the fleece is either used for weaving or sold in bulk at the market. Shearing usually takes place in January through April.

    Alpaca shearing is not cruel, and it is done for the safety and welfare of the animal. It's actually better for them in the long run to prevent overheating in the summer and trim down the hair that sometimes covers their eyes obstructs their view.


    Peruvian Artisans use natural dyes to dye the wool and alpaca fiber. The fiber is dyed using natural products such as seeds and leaves depending on the color wants to obtain
    and the process have been passed down from generation to generation.


    Our products are made using ancient hand weaving techniques and we blend them with modern styles to create authentic products.

    We are working and support the artisans to create unique and sustainable items at a fair price.

    Alpaca and wool products are hand-knitted by different communities of women from Peru.

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